MetaFarms announces its integration with pork checkoff AgView

MetaFarms integrates with Pork Checkoff AgView

Will provides near real-time health and movement status for pork herds

MetaFarms, Inc., the information platform for agriculture, announces its integration with Pork Checkoff AgView, which provides near real-time health and movement status for pork herds.

The integration will allow producers who use the MetaFarms Ag Platform to automatically and seamlessly transmit their movement information to AgView through an API. AgView is a new software-based technology solution designed to help the U.S. pork industry to rapidly conduct contact-tracing to contain or regionalize a foreign animal disease outbreak, such as African Swine Fever.

Foreign animal disease outbreaks continue to be one of the biggest challenges for today’s pork producers. African Swine Fever, for instance, has negatively impacted pork production throughout the world, most notably decimating swine herds in China and the Philippines. Since it was first tracked in 2018, it has killed 25 percent of the world’s pigs, according to the World Organization for Animal Health.

“Giving our customers the ability to monitor the health of their herds and react in real-time has become essential in today’s pork industry, especially as we look at what’s happening to global swine herds,” said Brian Parker, president, MetaFarms. “Through our integration with Pork Checkoff AgView, customers will have the data they need right at their fingertips – meaning they can react in real time if a disease outbreak should occur.”

The MetaFarms and Pork Checkoff AgView integration assures producers business continuity, as well as the ability to contact-trace and contain herds in real time if needed. By automatically sending movement data to AgView, producers can continue to operate in the case of a disease outbreak as they will be able to quickly contain the impacted herd.

“The collaboration with MetaFarms is a great example of how we are continuing to refine the AgView platform to make it easier for producers to use,” said Patrick Webb, DVM, director of swine health, National Pork Board. “There’s no better time than now to get started by creating a free account and starting on the path to protection against the real threats of foreign animal disease.”

The integration is now available to all producers at no extra cost. To get started, contact MetaFarms support at [email protected] or via phone at (952) 215-3233.



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