BinSentry Horizon Feed Ordering Automation Platform

Aiming to overcome the limitations of traditional feed-measurement technologies, the BinSentry Feed Bin Monitor is a sensor that enables smart and seamless, end-to-end data delivery.


BinSentry Horizon Feed Ordering Automation platform helps feed mills and their customers to drive increased profits by managing the most time-consuming and error-prone tasks within the feed supply chain.

The features and functionality of BinSentry Horizon are further extended with the addition of BinSentry Sensus, our 3D feed bin monitoring hardware.  The 3D Sensor data provides the greatest accuracy and reliability when reading feed bin levels.

The BinSentry platform automates the many processes within the supply chain for efficient, sustainable and profitable production.

BinSentry Horizon software:

  • Manage all bins and orders on a single software platform
  • Enter and store feed levels data
  • Confirm or edit suggested orders
  • Receive order requests from customers
  • Monitor feed inventory projections on comprehensive dashboards
  • Eliminate using spreadsheets and other manual processes

BinSentry Sensus 3D Sensor :

  • Access to real-time sensor data & insights
  • View feed bin surface and feed flow in 3D
  • Detect irregularities in feed consumption
  • Calculate exact order quantities
  • Track confirmed, late, or missed deliveries
  • Increase on-farm safety, no climbing bins

3D Sensor hardware technology:

  • 100o field of view of the bin surface
  • 3D view of the bin interior
  • 9,000+ more data detail
  • No bin modification
  • Long-range connectivity (LTE-M)
  • Solar-powered & Self-cleaning
  • No Internet hub or additional hardware required
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