6 sensor solutions for feeding, feed mill operations

Learn about new sensor technologies for improving safety, feed production at the mill, and ensuring efficient feeding systems.

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Sensor technologies improve safety in the feed mill, feed manufacturing and ensure efficient feeding systems.

Courtesy 4B ComponentsCourtesy 4B Components

4B Components | Industrial ethernet node (IE-Node)

  • Remote sensor interface for PLCs and automation systems
  • CSA Class II Div 1 for U.S. and Canada, ATEX and CE for Europe
  • Selectable high-speed EtherNet/IP, PROFINET or Modbus TCP/IP
  • Up to 16 sensor inputs per IE-Node and 4,000 sensors per network


Courtesy BinMasterCourtesy BinMaster

BinMaster | FeedView Inventory Management

  • Organizes everything swine, poultry and dairy operations do with feed inventory in one simple software
  • Battery-powered bin level sensors eliminate climbing bins, manual measurements and spreadsheets, saving time and money
  • View current feed levels, get automated email or text alerts, place orders with the mill, manage deliveries and generate reports on a phone, tablet or PC
  • Eliminate feed shortages, reduce feed waste, proactively prevent feed shortages and avoid late delivery charges


Courtesy BinSentryCourtesy BinSentry

BinSentry | Feed Ordering Automation Platform

  • Reliable 3D Sensor delivers accurate on-farm inventory level data
  • A centralized, intuitive software platform automates all your feed ordering, monitoring and tracking tasks on an easy-to-use dashboard
  • The platform can be used even if feed bins aren’t equipped with our sensor
  • BinSentry’s platform integrates with many of the leading software that mills already use for efficient resource and production planning


Courtesy Electro-Sensors Inc.Courtesy Electro-Sensors Inc.

Electro-Sensors Inc. | ST420-LT shaft tachometers

  • Stainless steel, loop-powered analog shaft tachometer
  • No end-user calibration
  • 18mm in diameter compact and rugged
  • 4-20mA analog signal directly proportional to the pulse frequency
  • Accurately and simply monitor rotating shaft speed in industrial applications


Courtesy Hydronix Ltd.Courtesy Hydronix Ltd.

Hydronix Ltd. | Hydro-Mix XT-EX

  • Designed to measure moisture in flowing bulk solids such as animal feed, grain, rice, pulses and liquids
  • Easily installed in ducting, conveying and mixing systems
  • Moisture measurement sensor certified for use in ATEX, IECEx and NEC/CSA hazardous locations (dust)
  • Suitable for Zone 20 process environments (Zone 21 external to process)


Courtesy Monitor Technologies LLCCourtesy Monitor Technologies LLC

Monitor Technologies LLC | Dust monitors

  • DustAlarm ES and DustTrend ES broken bag detectors and dust emission trend monitoring systems now with hazardous location approvals
  • Repeatability not affected by variations in relative humidity, process temperature or pressure
  • AC Triboelectric technology filters out noise and provides accurate dust measurement
  • Easy auto set-up function
  • Externally viewable bi-color LED indication on ordinary location units


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