10 new innovations for feed processing, operations

Review a collection of feed manufacturing-related products and technologies released in the past 12 months.

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A collection of feed manufacturing-related products released in the past 12 months

Agra Stri Pro Gmo Rapid Test Kits

GMO Rapid Test Kits | AgraStrip Pro

  • Allows for the independent and simultaneous testing of up to four samples in an intuitive, walk-away procedure
  • Eliminates common handling errors by managing timing, temperature and flow, delivering quantified results in an easy-to-understand percentage format
  • Manual timing and strip-cutting are not necessary
  • Limits of detection as low as 0.1%
  • AgraStrip Pro RUR Bulk Grain, which features a market-leading LOD of 0.05% in its high-sensitive method, quantifies CP4 EPSPS in soy, while AgraStrip Pro LL Bulk Grain quantifies PAT in soy, corn and canola

Agriview Inventory Software Binmaster

AgriView Cloud Inventory for Bins | BinMaster

  • Automated inventory for everyone in ag using level sensors and cloud software
  • Real-time levels and push text and email alerts on a phone or PC
  • Measure any solid or liquid – feed, grain, seed, fertilizer, fuels in bins or tanks
  • Integrated reporting and ordering for one or multiple locations

Feed Ordering Hub Bin Sentry

Feed Ordering Hub | BinSentry

  • Complete feed ordering solution built to increase supply chain visibility in order to increase efficiency and unlock cost savings
  • A reliable 3D sensor provides the most accurate feed inventory data, eliminating the need for workers to climb bins
  • An intuitive software platform automates feed monitoring and ordering processes, providing actionable insights, notifications, suggestions and advanced reporting capabilities
  • Integrates with many of the leading software products that mills use today for efficient resource and production planning

Buhler Granulex 5

Granulex 5 | Bühler

  • Ten percent reduction in energy consumption per ton, and in some cases the reduction can be as much as 30%
  • Highest throughput ranges, improved granulation profile, and an operator-friendly design
  • Capacity is increased by 10%
  • Time required for screen changeovers is reduced by 50%
  • Can also be connected to Bühler Insights to enable 24/7/365 data-based decision-making

Ara Integra Mix Format Solutions

Ara Integra-Mix | Format Solutions

  • Formulation of multi-component products: Least cost optimization of complex, multi-component product formulations which share sub-formulas and optimize product design to reduce number of components and increase plant productivity
  • Product designer: Dynamic creation of products with drag-and-drop design. Set up multi-component products to mirror manufacturing and optimize directly with interactive features.
  • Optimize ingredient resources: Minimize the cost impact of ingredient supply chain issues. Evaluate and plan optimal ingredient purchasing strategies
  • Include non-nutritional constraints: Optimize with additional constraints such as manufacturing, e.g. moisture yielding, and labeling, e.g. claims and ingredient inclusion order

Intel I Mag Magnetic Products

Intell-I-Mag | Magnetic Products Inc.

  • Next step in magnetic separation innovation and factory automation
  • First intelligent magnet to self-monitor ferrous metal saturation in real-time and log system data
  • Real-time monitoring for peak magnetic performance
  • Customized reporting for quality compliance initiatives
  • Saturation level indicators

Iep Technologies Iso Disc

IsoDisc | IEP Technologies

  • Effective, self-actuating and self-resettable device
  • Provides explosion isolation to application-handling combustible dusts, such as air aspiration inlets of mills or clean air ducting to interconnected equipment
  • ATEX-certified and virtually maintenance free

Palsack 03 Palamatic Process

PALSACK 03 High-flow bag packaging machine | Palamatic Process Inc.

  • Modular components to customize equipment for every application
  • High-flow double screw feeder: Each dosing screw has its own motor for rapid control for increased rates and accurate dosing
  • Recipe management via the touchscreen PLC, batch traceability capable
  • Productivity: up to 200 bags per hour

Infinifeed Loop Conveyor Sudenga

Infinifeed loop conveyor | Sudenga Industries

  • Increased system capacity to optimize run time in larger livestock facilities
  • Robust chain design and job-sized drive combinations allow for longer conveyor runs
  • Multiple hopper and discharge options to fit varying applications
  • Continuous feed loop offers capacities to 1,800 BPH (2200 CFPH)

Online Particle Size Controller Tietjen

Online particle size controller | Tietjen

  • Measures the particle size of free-flowing bulk solids inline, providing continuous, user-defined
    control of the grist spectrum between 160 and 6000 µm
  • Ensures a consistent grist spectrum over time and across multiple batches or recipes, increasing grinding quality
  • Less raw material loss as deviations in the grinding quality are detected promptly and faulty batches are thus avoided or greatly reduced

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