5 micro-ingredient systems for accurate, safe feeds

Learn about the latest micro-ingredient system products for feed production from the industry's leading suppliers.

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This product showcase features the latest micro-ingredient systems available for animal feed production.

Sudenga Loss In Weight Micro Ingredient System

Sudenga Industries Loss-In-Weight Micros

  • Fastest, most efficient, accurate batching possible because all ingredients are weighed and added automatically
  • No drugs or additives are handled manually with the loss-in-weight system
  • All ingredients are weighed and added simultaneously
  • Continuous inventory is monitored quickly, efficiently and accurately
  • Less space required than conventional micro systems for more design and installation flexibility
  • Removing the auger, motor and gearbox assembly for maintenance or cleaning is quick
  • UHMW bearing on the micro hopper discharge end provides maintenance-free, lubrication-free operation

Cpm Loss In Weight

CPM Automation Loss-in-Weight Scale Weighing System

  • Live, accurate bin inventory is maintained because each product bin is a scale supported by two load cells
  • Multiple ingredients can be weighed simultaneously
  • Compact design requires less height for installation than standard micro scale systems
  • Modular design allows customized configurations in clusters of four bins

Sterling Micro System

Sterling Systems & Controls Micro Ingredient Systems

  • Can be provided with stainless-steel bins, bulk bags, bulk totes and multiple scales
  • High-quality auger feeders or vibratory feeders
  • Multiple-speed feeder control
  • Customized systems using standard components
  • Multiple-scale systems maximize batch capacity
  • High-resolution scales for best weighment accuracy
  • Lot tracking and batch validation
  • Gain-in-weight and loss-in-weight systems
  • Supply bin inventory control

Easy Automation Rotary Micro System

Easy Automation Rotary Dump Microsystem

  • Independent load cells for bin can record bin inventory or be used for loss-in-weight applications
  • NTEP-approved load cells for individual bins are available for inventory purposes
  • Rotary dump assembly inside stainless-steel shroud with large access doors
  • Micro ingredients are weighed in the stainless-steel drum that rotates
  • Poly micro ingredient bins
  • 8-, 4.6-, 5.6- and 9.2-cubic-foot configurations
  • Multiple units can be configured for an infinite number of micro ingredient bins

Apc Micro Ingredient Systems

APEC Micro Ingredient Scale

  • Designed to eliminate labor costs by cutting back on the number of employees necessary to input ingredients
  • Protects workers by limiting exposure to ingredients
  • Newer systems are much easier to maintain than old ones
  • Can be scaled to fit your unique available space

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