7 feed mill batching and automation systems

Product roundup features software solutions from the industry's leading suppliers.

Wem Automation Wem4000 Batching Automation

Comco Helm Batching Automation Software

Comco Helm Batching Automation Software

  • Automatically adjusting free-fall calculation
  • Cross-contamination checking for batches and finished product bins
  • View and control batching from any workstation
  • Details of all batches are logged
  • Utilize multiple feeders
  • Material substitutions from either the same or equivalent material
  • Substitutions can be made with material from a different scale
  • Automated hand adds and pre-weighs

Easy Automation Batching Control System

Easy Automation Batching Control System

  • Unlimited weighted, metered and/or timed ingredients
  • Automatic free-fall, pulse length and high-speed shutoff adjustments at scale or ingredient level
  • Customized to facility
  • Auto batching, lot tracking, feed tags, flushing and hand-add workstation

Wem Automation Wem4000 Batching Automation

WEM Automation WEM4000 Batching Automation

  • Superior batching speed and accuracy
  • Meets or exceeds track-and-trace requirements
  • SQL server database
  • Allen Bradley control and Compact Logix PLCs
  • Complete plant control
  • Bar code and RFID ingredient lot tracking
  • PDA for alarms and hand-adds

Sterling Systems Controls Semi Automatic Hand Prompt Batching Station

Sterling Systems & Controls Semi-Automatic Hand-Prompt Batching Station

  • Designed to eliminate bad batches resulting from operator error and interruption
  • Operator involvement through each step of batching process
  • Provides automated operator instructions or prompting, ingredient lot tracking, automatic weighing with over/under tolerance control, assures compliance with recipe/formula, etc.
  • Real-time records for each batch produced
  • Barcode scanner can be provided and attached to batching station

Cpm Beta Raven Mm4 Batching

CPM Beta Raven MM4 Batching

  • Detailed process records are kept to facilitate process improvement, corporate reporting and regulatory compliance
  • Data such as recipes and orders may be imported from a corporate system
  • Production records may be exported to corporate system
  • Traceability is available for any ingredient, so product made with bad ingredient may be easily identified and recalled
  • Ingredient assignments are managed to prevent operator from drawing from wrong ingredient bin or routing to wrong mash bin
  • Sequencing prevents recipes from being run in order, which could result in medication or animal protein contamination

Sudenga Industries Model Si 2000 Batching System

Sudenga Industries Model SI-2000 Batching System

  • Unlimited formula, group and location information storage
  • Group phase feeding lists based on weight on phase, days on phase, weight or days, or both
  • Automatic ingredient freefall compensation
  • Track inventory on hand and cost of each ingredient
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