Moving feed and grain: Transportation vehicles and equipment

Review five products from Feed & Grain's Buyer's Guide related to feed transportation, including trucking and rail.


Rail and trucking products from Feed & Grain’s Online Buyer’s Guide

Powerhouse Leaf Gen Set Locomotive

Powerhouse Leaf | Gen-set Locomotive

  • Powerful — Capable of moving up to 75 loaded railcars (at yard switching speed)
  • Practical — Reduces fuel use 57 to 72%
  • Sustainable — Reduces NOx and particulates by 84%
  • Dependable — 98%+ reliability

Arnold Company Ride On Hopper Gate Opener

Arnold Company | Ride-On Hopper Gate Opener

  • Operators can now control automated unit from a seated position
  • Chain-free low maintenance power drive
  • Wireless remote control option
  • Ergonomically placed controls
  • 70 db operational sound levels

Hensley Fabricating And Equipment Generation X Feed Trailers

Hensley Fabricating and Equipment | Generation X Feed Trailers

  • Designed to reduce rollover accidents with 32-inch lower center of gravity over standard 44 cube trailer
  • Load out height of 10 feet
  • Features four to six compartments, roll stability ABS system, air operated bottom “V” gates, two-piece air top lids and Super Auger System
  • Aerodynamic design reduces wind drag and fuel consumption

Walinga Usa Feedlok Control Systems

Walinga USA | FEEDLOK Control Systems

  • Enables feed tracking from origin location to GPS tag at farm bin location
  • Right feed, right bin every time
  • Dashboard is easy to use and set up
  • Built-in GPS tracking system
  • Code feed mixture and bins with GPS tags; wrong code and system will not allow dispensing of feed mix

Cleveland Vibrator Truck And Trailer Vibrators

Cleveland Vibrator | Truck and Trailer Vibrators

  • Pneumatic impact models and electric truck vibrators
  • For hung-up material in small to large hauls
  • Remove safety hazard of trailer or bed entry and human unloading assistance
  • Completely portable options available
  • Exhaust port protection standard

Greenstone One Freight Logo

Greenstone | oneFreight

  • More effective way to dispatch trucks
  • Track load numbers and send clear instructions
  • Accurately bid and pay the right rates
  • Manage intercompany transfers
  • Reduce manual data entry and errors
  • Fully integrated with AGRIS & oneWeigh scale automation


Roger App Smartphone Screen

Roger LLC | The Roger App

  • App and digital dashboard eliminates need to file tickets
  • Follow load in real time, from dispatch to payment
  • Transparency allows all parties to see all details
  • Shipper and carriers can work together to reduce, eliminate deadhead mileage
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