Product Focus: Micro-ingredient systems for accuracy, feed safety

Review the latest micro-ingredient systems and scales delivering accuracy in feed production.

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Easy Automation Loss In Weight Micro Ingredient SystemEasy Automation

Easy Automation Loss-In-Weight Micro Ingredient System

●      Built for speed and accuracy

●       Available in 2-, 4- and 6-bin configurations; can combine as many systems as needed

●       Real-time inventory levels in every bin for record keeping

●       System can be mounted directly above a mixer

●       System is enclosed to isolate any scale movement and come preassembled and prewired

APEC Micro-Ingredient ScaleAPEC

APEC Micro Ingredient Scale

●       Designed to eliminate labor costs by cutting back on the number of employees necessary to input ingredients

●       Protects workers by limiting exposure to ingredients

●       Newer systems are much easier to maintain than old ones

●       Can be scaled to fit your unique available space

Abel Micro Ingredient SystemAbel

Abel Micro Ingredient System

●       Weight gain, weight loss, moving scale and multiple scale systems available for almost any application

●       Full line of accessories, such as dust collection systems, bin lid locking systems and feeder discharge gates, available

●       Unlimited number of bins with capacities from one to hundreds of cubic feet

●       Company offers hundreds of systems worldwide and extensive application experience

Sterling Systems Controls Micro Ingredient SystemsSterling Systems & Controls

Sterling Systems & Controls Micro Ingredient Systems

●       Can be provided with stainless steel bins, bulk bags, bulk totes and multiple scales

●       High-quality auger feeders or vibratory feeders

●       Multiple-speed feeder control

●       Customized systems using standard components

●       Multiple-scale systems maximize batch capacity

●       High-resolution scales for best weighment accuracy

●       Lot tracking and batch validation

●       Gain-in-weight and loss-in-weight systems

●       Supply bin inventory control

Sudenga Industries Series 2000 Micro SkidSudenga Industries

Sudenga Industries Series 2000 Micro Skid

●       Designed to fit any application

●       High-accuracy weighing

●       Visible ingredient levels

●       Low maintenance

Tom-Cin Metals Micro SystemTom-Cin Metals

Tom-Cin Metals Micro System

●       Standard 6- to 24-bin configurations as well as custom designs

●       Built as complete units with feeder and drive package

●       Designed with three vertical sides and chamfered corners for better flow and cleanout

●       Can be easily removed for inventory weighing or cleaning

●       Systems function as networked or stand–alone units

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