5 grain and feed logistics platforms

Product roundup of logistics platforms that streamline and automate grain and feed shipping.

Fg cxl Vc Phys Ops

Triple Point Technology Commodity XL PhysOps Visual Cockpit

  • Manages physical shipments β€” completes timely actions concerning price, volume, scheduling and operations
  • Helps schedulers plan, conduct and optimize shipments (vessel, rail, truck, high-volume bulk) on a single screen
  • Streamlines the entire value chain including supply, trading, marketing, physical operations and logistics
  • Strengthens corporate accounting and controls with full regulatory compliance
  • Integrates with Commodity XL, moving trading information automatically to schedulers, risk managers and administrators β€” delivering the complete, front-to-back office solution for physical commodity trading organizations

Fg railinc Commercial Business Icon


  • Rail shipment and equipment management insights to identify and react to problem shipments, optimize daily operations and improve planning
  • Ingests data in different formats, sizes and velocities into various data solutions
  • Track and Trace sends out near real-time rail data around the clock, tracking railcars and intermodal equipment on more than 580 rail carriers throughout North America
  • Cloud-based dashboard gives near real-time, dynamic and actionable information on shipments and equipment
  • Advanced ETA brings accurate time of arrival estimate for intermodal shipments

Fg roger That Product

Roger LLC Roger App

  • Comprehensive bulk trucking technology and logistics platform designed to help make better, more informed business decisions
  • Digital solutions maximize efficiency and profitability, providing transparency in the supply chain with real-time analytics and a complete digital audit trail
  • Roger Interchange finds, negotiates and books loads at the best rates
  • Roger Hauls easily dispatches loads, tracks routes and ETAs, processes paperless tickets and makes fast payments
  • Roger IQ analyzes every haul and receives recommendations to make better business decisions
  • Initially funded by six agribusinesses β€” The Andersons Inc., Bushel, Cargill, CGB, Koch Fertilizer and The Scoular Co. β€” working alongside carriers to create tools to modernize communication across the industry

One Freight

Greenstone Systems oneWeigh Freight Dispatch

  • Transportation management system (TMS) and freight dispatching system for grain elevator and grain processing facility sales, purchase contracts and intercompany transfers
  • Reduces workload by automating processes, removing the hassle and challenges of managing spreadsheets, while eliminating errors from manual entry when paying freight
  • Gain dispatching system offers quick turnaround on freight payables 
  • oneWeigh Freight Dispatch fully integrates with AGRIS and
  •  oneWeigh to seamlessly create a dispatch order for the shipper

Bin Sentry Feed Ordering Hub

BinSentry Feed Ordering Hub

  • Complete feed ordering solution built to increase supply chain visibility in order to increase efficiency and unlock cost savings
  • A reliable 3D sensor provides the most accurate feed inventory data, eliminating the need for workers to climb bins
  • An intuitive software platform automates feed monitoring and ordering processes providing actionable insights, notifications, suggestions and advanced reporting capabilities
  • Integrates with many of the leading software products that mills use today for efficient resource and production planning
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