6 palletizing systems for feed mill applications

Learn about bagging line solutions for enhanced feed mill efficiency, productivity and safety.

Magnum Systems Trp3000 Robotic Palletizer

Robotic pelletizing systems deliver enhanced efficiency, productivity and safety for feed mill warehouses and manufacturing facilities. These products provide seamless integration into existing workflows and optimized feed bag stacking patterns, ensuring improved performance and reliability. 

Premier Tech High Level Bag Palletizer

Premier Tech High Level Bag Palletizer

  • Produces neat, solid pallet loads every time
  • Handles low rigidity bags with reduced manipulation thus retaining bag shape
  • Provides the highest quality for a full pallet load on the market, at speeds of up to 35 bushels/minute
  • Fully electric design providing better movement control and a smooth and quiet operation
  • Multiple patterns can be pre-programmed, stored in the PLC and used as needed

nVenia Hamer Robotic Palletizer

  • Durable, low-cost robotic bag palletizing
  • Offers outstanding pallet stacking with fewer moving parts and lower annual operating costs
  • Bagging rates up to 20 bushels/minute
  • Small footprint works well with hand bagging lines, bag hanging machines, or automated form, fill-and-seal machines
  • Variety of designs available to meet individual plant requirements

Magnum Systems TRP3000 Robotic Palletizer

  • Rates up to 22 bags/minute
  • Fanuc 4 Axis Robot for reliability
  • Single or multiple incoming lines
  • Variety of configurations designed for your floor space and output

Chantland Mhs Robotic Bag Palletizing Systems

Chantland-MHS Robotic Bag Palletizing Systems

  • Automatically stack bagged product in various precise configurations
  • User-friendly controls and operator interface
  • Stacking rates up to 20 bags/minute
  • Flexible layouts for small production areas
  • Fully assembled, hard-wired and proven in our factory prior to shipment

Columbia Machine Hl2200 Palletizer

Columbia Machine HL2200 Palletizer

  • Includes VFD-controlled hoist, bi-parting layer apron, and centering side layer guides with Smart Squeeze
  • Can palletize virtually any package type
  • Options include smart diagnostics with video playback to assist maintenance personnel and servo actuated
  • Touchless turning infeed for gentle package handling

Tinsley Equipment Robot Palletizer

  • Automate palletized bags for biggest return on investment
  • Unit picks up and uniformly stacks filled bags on either side of conveyor
  • Palletize 12 bags/minute with Hot Swap palletizer system for applications with low- to moderate-packaging requirements
  • Palletize 12 to 24 bags/minute with palletizer system that includes automatic pallet dispenser, precision chain or roller conveyors

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