6 energy-efficient products for feed, grain handling

Check out six energy-efficient products for feed production and grain handling from CPM, Safe-Grain and more.

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A collection of products for maximizing energy savings in animal feed manufacturing and grain handling

Safe Grain Safe Track

Safe-Grain ׀ SafeTrack solar-powered temperature cable scanners

  • Provides convenient monitoring of commodity temperatures in silos, bins and grain piles
  • All-in-one wireless unit incorporates scanner, solar panel, radio, solar charge controller and lithium battery
  • NEMA 4X weathertight enclosure
  • Requires no electrical wiring or earth ground
  • Used with three cables each with up to six sensors and 50 feet maximum length temperature cables or one cable with up to 18 sensors and 150 feet maximum length temperature cable

Interstates Led Lighting Retrofits

Interstates ׀ LED lighting retrofits

  • https://bit.ly/3gErh8UZero out-of-pocket project costs
  • Cash-flow positive with savings in first month
  • No capital budget approval needed
  • True turnkey process
  • Consultative engineering and construction management

Andritz Combi Zone Dryer

ANDRITZ ׀ Combi-zone dryer

  • Gentle and precise drying
  • High energy efficiency at a lower cost per ton
  • Drying process with respect to the nutritive value
  • Product size range of 0.8-40 mm
  • Uniform drying of each pellet

Cpm Mcp Pellet Mill ControllerCPM Beta Raven ׀ MCP pellet mill controller

  • Production control that can increase efficiency by up to 15%
  • Consistency can increase pellet quality by up to 15%
  • Dependability allows the system to work 24 hours a day
  • Up to 15% energy savings and longer die roll life
  • Lower labor costs and reduced physical demand due to the ability to operate remotely

Walinga Ultra Veyor

Walinga USA ׀ Ultra-Veyor with Smartflo

  • Moves bulk by air, maximizing accessibility for any drying, storage or production facility
  • Move grain safely, quickly and easily, without elevator legs or portable augers
  • All working components are conveniently located on the ground, maintenance is a breeze
  • Walinga Smart-Flo, a variable frequency drive system, utilizes various sensors to monitor flow rate in real-time
  • Motor speeds are constantly tuned to maximize transfer capacities while reducing energy costs and minimizing bulk damage

Railserve Leaf Gen Set Locomotive

Railserve Leaf ׀ Gen-set locomotive

  • Powerful: capable of moving up to 75 loaded railcars (at yard switching speed)
  • Practical: reduces fuel use 57% to 72%
  • Sustainable: reduces NOx and particulates by 84%
  • Dependable: 98%+ reliability

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