5 remote access, monitoring tools for feed, grain ops

Find out about the latest remote access and monitoring technologies for feed mill and grain handling operations.

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Latest remote access and monitoring technologies for feed mill and grain handling operations

Andritz Metris Vibe

ANDRITZ Metris Vibe

  • A wireless vibration and temperature sensor can monitor the health status of mechanical equipment regardless of the original manufacturer
  • Offers increased uptime, reduced maintenance, higher production reliability and improved safety
  • Vibe sensor measures vibration and temperature input of key equipment, analyzing corresponding data points
  • Predictive capabilities minimize unplanned production stoppages
  • Proactive advice and alerts are provided through the sensor’s powerful operating program via a mobile app or web browser and are securely integrated independently of customers’ IT systems

Io Linak

LINAK U.S. I/O Interface

  • Interface forms a smart and universal actuator
  • Offers endless modifications to give full control of exact functionalities
  • Input options adjust and control electric actuator
  • Output data gives insights into monitoring, diagnostics or continuous improvements

Bin Master Feedview Computer 800

BinMaster BinCloud

  • Integrated cloud foundation for data monitoring of inventory contained in bins, tanks and silos
  • Enables on-site and remote workers to work via the cloud
  • Monitor solids, powders and liquids across all process industries
  • Can also manage feed and place orders with feed mills

Schenck Coniq Cloud Rgb

Schenck Process CONiQ Cloud

  • Cloud-based IoT solution designed to access data from machine assets
  • Easy-to-use web dashboard brings KPIs directly to any laptop, tablet or mobile device
  • Enables real-time condition monitoring and intelligent process control for output optimization and exact resource planning
  • Allows experts to offer tailored remote services
  • Connectible to any customer system or other IoT clouds and directly compatible with CONiQ Monitor systems

Mettler Toledo Contactless Transaction Solutions

Mettler Toledo Contactless Transaction Solutions

  • Full portfolio automation-ready, contactless transaction solutions
  • Designed to make truck scale transactions safer and more efficient, as well as allow for social distance best practices
  • Unattended driver terminals
  • DataBridge truck scale software
  • DataBridge Express Mobile Device Solution

Mpi Intell I Mag Plate Magnet

Magnetic Products Intell-I-Mag

  • Intelligent magnet with self-monitoring of ferrous metal saturation in real time
  • Provides operators key information to help improve cleaning and maintenance of magnetic separators needed to maintain peak magnet performance during production
  • Data-driven feedback on cleaning cycles and magnet performance increases production line “uptime”
  • Available models include plate magnets, drawer magnets, chute magnets, liquid magnets and pneumatic magnets
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