Feed additives for improved poultry, livestock performance

Review animal feed additive products for improving poultry and livestock health, wellness and performance.

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Collection of feed additive products selected for the recent New Product Reveal

Adiveter Adipellet

Adiveter | Adipellet pellet binders

  • Increases productivity due to a better lubrication in all production process, increasing final yield output, reducing energy consumption and causing less wear and tear
  • Improves pellet quality and nutritional value
  • Binds ingredients and additives and holds its structure during all processes
  • Improves animal health due to the prebiotic effect, enhancing animal performance

Animine Man Grin

ANIMINE | ManGrin manganese

  • High concentration (75%), highly purified manganese
  • High flowability and safety standards
  • High stability
  • High bioavailability

Cbs Pro Sparity

CBS Bio-Platforms | ProSparity multi-component protease

  • Strains chosen based on their specificity and binding affinity to plant and animal origin protein substrates
  • Significant levels of acid, neutral and alkaline protease activity helps maintain high protease activity in GI tract
  • Contains broad spectrum of endo- and exo-peptidase activities, allowing for superior amino acid liberation and large protein hydrolysis
  • Can be used in conjunction with other enzymes, e.g. phytase and NSPase

Chain Craft C Craft Powder 1

ChainCraft | C-Craft Powder

  • Strong antimicrobial performance, specifically against gram-negative bacteria, based on high content of sodium caproate
  • Improving gut morphology and boosting the immune system, based on high sodium butyrate content
  • Easy handling, low odor and high solubility in water of up to 60% based on the sodium salt product form
  • More sustainably produced than current short- and medium-chain fatty acids by fermentation of food residues, resulting in low carbon footprint and stable supply

Enterra Enterra Protein

Enterra | EnterraProtein  

  • Black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) renewable insect ingredient
  • High digestibility of protein and lipids, rich in prebiotics and has essential amino acids and other key nutrients
  • Low level of chitin, the insoluble fiber that makes up the exoskeleton of the BSF grub, has shown prebiotic and antimicrobial characteristics
  • Lauric acid, a medium-chain fatty acid that makes up 40% of the oil, has shown antimicrobial benefits

Ew Nutrition Ventar D 10percent

EW Nutrition | Ventar D

  • Phytogenic solution supporting gut health
  • Contains standardized amounts of selected phyto-molecules, having antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Improves production performance in poultry and swine with optimal gut health, which results in higher body weight, improved feed efficiency and better livability
  • Offers batch-to-batch consistency with standardized actives content; stable during high temperature and longer conditioning time pelleting and good flowability with uniform particle size

Hamlet Protein Fiber Boost

Hamlet Protein A/S | HP FiberBoost

  • Next generation natural fibers combining insoluble fibers with soluble fiber and prebiotic carbohydrates to stimulate early gut development through synergistic pathways between gut and microbiota
  • Reduces protein fermentation
  • Low viscosity


Kerry | Everwell PT100

  • Postbiotic technology derived from a proprietary dry, cultured whey
  • Supports gut health by modulating intracellular cyclic AMP signaling pathways controlling gut water/electrolyte exchange across the gut lumen
  • Part of an antibiotic-free nutrition strategy to help challenged birds maintain healthy gut function
  • Product efficacy does not depend on microorganism survivability
  • Works by offering the functional molecules directly to provide a more targeted response

Manuka Biotech Sodium Butyrate

Manuka Biotech | Sodium Butyrate BTR 98

  • Ball-shaped granules instead of rod-shaped granules
  • High potency (>98% sodium butyrate)
  • Lower inclusion rate (250g/t for poultry diet)
  • Crystalline matrix with interwoven structure,
  • Easily coated to form slow-release products
  • Feed mixing homogeneity (+32%)
  • Reduced segregation during transportation

Native Microbials Galaxis Frontier

Native Microbials | Galaxis Frontier

  • First and only product comprised of four microbes that exist naturally in the bovine rumen
  • Optimizes digestion for more energy from any ration
  • Patented preservation and encapsulation technology stabilizes and preserves live microbes
  • No refrigeration required

Novus Grainzyme Phos

Novus International Inc. | GRAINZYME PHOS

  • First commercially available feed enzyme for swine and poultry produced through INTERIUS Technology, where protein (in this case, a phytase) is expressed inside a kernel of corn
  • GRAINZYME PHOS corn simply replaces an amount of traditional corn in the diet and can be pelleted or used in mash diets according to the product’s directions of use or per the recommendation of a qualified nutritionist
  • Reduces the need for supplemental inorganic phosphorus and can improve the nutritional value of feedstuffs
  • Minimum phytase activity of 5,000 FTU/g

Phosphea Map

Phosphea (Timab Industries) | MAP for Ruminant

  • A feed-grade raw material that improves ruminal fermentations, by providing simultaneously 26% phosphorus and 11% nitrogen
  • Brings high water-soluble phosphorus, making it available for ruminal bacteria
  • Brings non-protein nitrogen to partially replace soy intake, saving formulation cost
  • Two proposed particles sizes: 2-1.25 mm and <0.5 mm

Qti Qbiotics 3 Dp

Quality Technology International Inc. | Q-Biotic 3DP

  • Multi-strain probiotic for poultry and swine feed applications
  • Combination of three select, highly active and stable Bacillus strains
  • Available in concentrated form (Q-Biotic 3CP)
  • Designed for high performance under low- and high-challenge animal production conditions

Ralco Avi Lyte

Ralco Nutrition | Avi-Lyte stress pack

  • Natural stress pack to hydrate and restore vital nutrients for poultry during times of stress
  • Improved livability, reduces mortality rate

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