10 feed additive products for poultry, livestock

Review 10 feed additive products for improved productivity and health in livestock and poultry production.

Balanced Animal Food Pellets For Fish, Cow, Pig, Chicken, Duck,
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New feed additive products for improved productivity and animal health

Anitox FortrolAnitox | Fortrol

  • Synergistic organic acid blend with bacteriostatic properties that offer producers highly effective control of feed-source pathogens
  • Recommended product inclusion ranges from 2 kg/MT to 8 kg/MT, offering flexibility to respond to the variable microbial risk associated with feed and feed ingredients
  • Manages feed microbial quality via low-dose application to incoming feed materials as a preventative tool or through implementation as a corrective intervention in Salmonella-positive finished feeds or feed ingredients

Phosphea Hum IphoraPhosphea | HumIPHORA

  • Offers a phosphate that provides high-quality phosphorus and contributes to a better use of other nutrients, more specifically plant‐based phosphorus
  • Reduces the incorporation of phosphate in formulas
  • Provides mineral phosphorus and controls the antinutritional effect of calcium

Manuka Biotech Sodium ButyrateManuka Biotech | Sodium Butyrate BTR 98

  • Ball-shaped granules instead of rod-shaped granules
  • High potency (>98% sodium butyrate)
  • Lower inclusion rate (250g/t for poultry diet)
  • Crystalline matrix with interwoven structure, a novel technology, enhanced coating ability
  • Easily coated to form slow-release products
  • Better CV in feed mixing homogeneity (+32%)




Nutrition Technologies Hi Oil 2Nutrition Technologies | Hi.Oil

  • Black soldier fly (BSF) oil, rich in medium-chain fatty acids and highly digestible
  • Natural antimicrobial properties, such as lauric acid
  • Sustainable substitute for fish meal or soybean meal in livestock, pets and aquafeed
  • It improves the feed intake, due to high palatability and volatile compounds




003 Logo T5 X 1 768x768 1 480x480 jpgWisium | T5X

  • Mycotoxins’ risk management-through-service package including control plan, analysis and mobile app for product and dosage recommendation
  • Binding: Adsorption of polar mycotoxins proven by unique in vivo and patented model
  • Detoxification: Enhancement of natural detox pathways and strong anti-oxidation
  • Immuno-stimulation: Efficient immune system activation

Qti Bac Pack Q1plus1 1

Quality Technology International Inc. | BacPack Q1+1

  • Highly active symbiotic for poultry and swine feed applications
  • Combination of a select single-strain Bacillus subtilis probiotic (Q-Biotic 1DP) and a highly functional prebiotic (IMW50)
  • Organic form available
  • Effective and economical symbiotic option for food safety and performance improvement

Enterra Enterra ProteinEnterra | EnterraProtein

  • Black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) renewable insect ingredient
  • High digestibility of protein and lipids, rich in prebiotics and has essential amino acids and other key nutrients
  • Low level of chitin, the insoluble fiber that makes up the exoskeleton of the BSF grub, has shown prebiotic and antimicrobial characteristics
  • Lauric acid, a medium-chain fatty acid that makes up 40% of the oil, has shown antimicrobial benefits


Phytosynthese Phyto A Pi GutPHYTOSYNTHESE | Phyto aPiGut

  • Natural solution to support the digestive system at piglet weaning, but also during sensitive phases of fattening
  • Contains a blend of essential oils, selected for their bacteriostatic activity, as well as a combination of PhytoLanka turmeric and flavonoids, which helps preserve the integrity of the intestinal epithelium
  • Targets pathogens but spares the beneficial microbiota and contributes to maintain digestive balance


  • Alternative and sustainable solution to support gut health, improve feed efficacy and boost performance of broilers
  • First micro-encapsulation of phytogenics and phycogenics (plant and seaweed extracts), with high concentration and stability, and an optimal controlled release thanks to cutting-edge technology
  • Consistent efficacy to improve performance of broilers, in university trials or field experiments
  • Sustainable growth promoter to increase feed efficacy and reduce feed cost for poultry

Lipstosa MastercaLiptosa | MasterCa

  • Supply of calcium with excellent bioavailability and assimilation of the mineral
  • Provides high-quality nutritional fiber that improves feces consistency and reduce constipation
  • Plants with recognized galactagogue properties that stimulate colostrum and milk production
  • Botanicals with beneficial effect on liver functioning, reducing the risk of subclinical ketosis
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