Animal feed formulation software solutions

Review five new and updated animal feed formulation software solutions by BESTMIX, Format Solutions, A-Systems and more.

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A Systems Allix3

A-Systems | Allix3

  • Versions can be customized by integrating modules to the packages
  • Online equations calculation for raw materials
  • Dynamic and online calculation of nutritional values of raw materials
  • Seamless communication with the calculation platform
  • Non-linear adjustment (NLA) model accounts for non-linear effects when optimizing formulas
  • Finds the optimized solution considering the dosage without multiplying ingredients
  • Accounts for formula constraints to apply according to the seasonality without duplicating formulas
  • Feed label calculation
  • Optimization of environmental constraints

Bestmix Logo WebsiteBESTMIX Software | BESTMIX feed formulation software

  • Allows users to formulate on a collaborative platform
  • Sample basket automatically collects and processes roughage analyses into the formulation
  • Reacts quickly and effectively to changes in your ingredients’ availability and prices
  • Controlled generation of compliant labels and tags for each new product version based on customizable templates
  • Chooses the best aspects from any standard animal model (CNCPS, CVB, NRC, INRA, DLG, FiM) and integrates them or builds a custom model

Editor’s note: Adifo Software recently changed its name to BESTMIX Software.

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Format Solutions | Ara

  • Spend less time managing data and make critical supply chain decisions faster to maximize profits
  • Work smarter by managing data across multiple production sites at once
  • Increased accuracy of forward evaluations by optimizing real world scenarios that reflect the true variability in all inputs
  • Leverage a SQL database for better communication between stakeholders and API integration with other systems
  • Highlight and communicate critical business information such as ingredient and product requirements, product costs and nutritional details
  • Collect and retain formulation data for traceability, audit support and data analytics with DataTrace
  • Use Ara Labels to efficiently create accurate and compliant declaration information for manufactured feeds

A Systems Web Alliz

A-Systems | WebAllix

  • New web-based, collaborative formulation solution
  • Allows user to optimize formulas, to calculate raw material consumption and diet costs
  • Can be used by any consulting company, consultant or feed manufacturer willing to provide assistance and service either to customers, farmers or sales force to optimize formulations
  • Shared dashboards assist in advising clients for consultancy service to formulators


Afos Multi Blend 2AFOS Inc. | AFOS cloud-based formulation software 

  • Fully integrated web-based feed formulation solution that works from any device
  • Collaborative platform with multi-user environment and advanced roles & responsibilities capabilities
  • Highly secure end-to-end solution aligned with software in the cloud standards
  • Comprehensive, efficient, and proven optimization engine
  • Single, consistent, and intuitive user interface
  • Configurable and intelligent reporting
  • Full historian and audit support
  • Cloud-based with an option for private clouds and datacenters
  • Modular architecture with custom integrations
  • Continuous updates and efficient support

Editor’s note: Product information and specifications were provided by the software vendors.

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